Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1882. Tomo Unico [1882]

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The protocolo has no index, but it has a note that states that the book holds records from 1882. Juan José Brugés Escala is the notary. This book contains: notarization of documents, special powers, powers of attorney, acknowledgement of children, home sales, sales of plots, sales of rooms, multiple sales, bonds, debts, donations, and wills. Documents of particular interest include those referring to the creation of the Bank of Riohacha and several contracts to exploit natural resources (such as salt). The following names repeat throughout the document: Cano Dugand Martínez y Co, Antonio Amaya Daza, Víctor Dugand, Juan Gómez Daza, Josefa Barros de Frayle.

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