Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1877. Tomo Unico [1877]

This protocolo contains notarial and judicial processes. Eudocio Valdeblanquez serves as notary in the Riohacha circuit. There are several different types of page numbering throughout the volume. The protocolo contains 198 pages of which there are exactly 186 for the year 1877. This book contains: notarization of documents, special powers, recognition of children, home sales (Rafael Cortez with power of Agustín Cortez sold a house owned by Samuel M. Pinedo; Samuel Pinedo sold a house property to Manuela Mendoza ), sales of plots (this being the most common ofn the processes), sales of rooms, multiple sales, bonds, debts, protests (Nicolás Danies protests against the administration of this port) and wills (Joaquín Ponce). There is one document in English (England), from folio 12 to 15, in which permission is requested to navigate an English boat along the Guajira Coast. The boaters propose a series of payments for all that they plan to do.