Notaria de Riohacha - Protocolo 1849. Tomo Unico [1849]

This protocolo contains notarial and judicial processes. Pio Robles served as notary. The book has no index, but maintains a single page numbering style. This book contains: manumissions like that of María de la Encarnación Gutiérrez by Miguel Gloria, special powers like those granted by Vicente Celedón to Manuel Inés Anaya, general powers like those granted by Nicolás Danies to H Mauder Meular (a resident of Curação), sales of houses, sales of plots, sales of rooms, bonds, debts, and wills like those of José María Carrillo and Josefa Rosalía Redondo. Frequently appearing names include: Nicolás Danies, Ana María Brito, Juan Magdaniel, and Vicente Oballe.