Idah Asrar Ulum al-Muqarrabin

This text is a treatise on Sufism - Islamic ethics and mysticism - byJamal al-Din Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah al-'Aydarus, a saint of Yemeni origin whomigrated to the port city of Surat in Gujarat, western India, where he died in1031 AH/1630 CE. Despite the importance of the Idah in the spiritualtradition of the Ba-'Alawi Sayyids of Hadramawt, Yemen, relatively fewmanuscripts of the text are known to exist, which makes this an especiallyinteresting item in the Lamu mosque's collection.

Extent of original: Manuscript 36 pages 23.7X16.3 cm . Condition oforiginal: Loose sheets bound in black hard cover with purple cloth back andcorners. Black ink. Date of original: Unknown.