Village donation

This palm-leaf manuscript is an agreement between immuTi kanhaka raamaiya kavuNTar and tarmakooyi kavuNTanh of puuNTi village, ponhnhanh and puliyanh of ponhnhamaraavati village and azaka muuppan of kaLaiyaar koyil village regarding village donation. It also contains an image of a paper document in the begining which is the transcription of the palm-leaf manuscripts written by the document owner.

Physical characteristics/Extent and format of original material: Palmyra leaf (borassus flabellifer); varying sizes; height 3cm, width 53cm to height 5cm, width 48cm; sideline perforation; two palm-leaves were broken. 3 handwritten palm-leaf documents (3 palm-leaves).

Creation dates of original material (Gregorian and/or Tamil calendar): iicuvara/aavaNi/17, vicaya/vaikaaci/14.