Land lease

This palm-leaf manuscript describes some land leased by naaTTaamai piTaaranh of veLLiyangkunhRam village to niitimanjcaakavuNTanh, the periya karuppanh ampalalaaranh brothers, periya piTaaranh, muuLi keNTa naakanh, tiirtaanh and others to immuTi kanhaka raama kavuNTar of veLLiyangkunhRam. It also contains a few small strips of paper documents which are found in between the palmleaves written by the document owner describing briefly the topic of the palmleaves.

Physical characteristics/Extent and format of original material: Palmyra leaf (borassus flabellifer); varying sizes; height 4cm, width 54cm to height 3cm, width 20cm; sideline perforation; few palm-leaves were broken. 81 handwritten palm-leaf documents (84 palm-leaves).

Creation dates of original material (Gregorian and/or Tamil calendar): coopakirutu/kaarttikai/20, aanhanta/aippaci/10, pilavangka/aanhi/22.