Roca Julio A. Hijo Biografía Datos Varios [1930s-1950s ]

Description: Julio Argentino Pascual Roca (1873 -1942), son of the Argentine President Julio Argentino Roca, was a lawyer and a politician who led and represented the political period known as the “Década Infame” (or “Infamous Decade”). This refers to the period between 1930-1943 when the landed elite returned to power through the 1930’s military coup and the fraudulent elections that followed. Roca Jr. was a member of the political party that represented this oligarchic rule, the Partido Demócrata of his province Córdoba—where he was born and where he eventually became governor. He was also appointed as Ambassador Extraordinaire to Great Britain, Ambassador to Brazil, and Foreign Minister of Argentina. He is responsible for the Roca-Runcinam Treaty. This handmade and original envelope contains two stationary envelopes with clippings and articles from magazines and newspapers and typewritten original documents. Extent of original: Handmade envelope . Condition of original: Regular to bad condition.