"Roca Julio, A [1920s-1960s]"

Description: Twice president of Argentina (1880-86 and 1898-1904), Julio Argentino Roca (1843-1914) is one of the most polemic politicians in Argentina. Although some historians recognise him as one of the main forgers of the Argentine nation, Roca for others is responsible for grave crimes such as the genocide of our Native-American population. . In this envelope there is information on himself, his career, his family, the Centennial, as well as the tributes in his honour. See, Halperín Donghi, Tulio (ed.) Proyecto y construcción de una nación. Argentina 1846-1880, (Caracas: Ed. Ayacucho, 1980) and Porcel, Roberto Edelmiro, La araucanización de nuestra pampa, (Buenos Aires: Sociología de la Cultura, 2007). This original and handmade envelope contains two stationary envelopes with photos, clippings and articles from newspapers and magazines, drawings and engravings. Extent of original: Handmade envelope . Condition of original: Regular to bad condition.