Sang Han [1763-64 or 1823-24]

This manuscript is about fortune telling and forecasting of outcomes of any kind of happenings. It is used in the ritual Kao phun where nine pundits perform this ritual. In image 0002.tiff, it is written that if a wild dog enters any house it is good in many ways. But if a wild dog enters only the village then it brings bad luck to the village. So in such a situation Lengdon has to be worshipped so that the forest God goes away. Pi Lak Ni, Pvk Singa, Dvn Sip Song. This means 12th month of the Pvk Singa year, which is equivalent to 1763-64 or 1823-24. The quality of the writing suggests the earlier date, when the Ahom language was still actively spoken.

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