Buranji [1754-55 or 1814-15]

This manuscript contain historical information. In image 0004, it is recorded the death of the Ahom king Chau Lung Su Pat Pha in the year Lak Ni Khut Mit, Din Si (4th month), on the Rai Sau day. It is also written that he ruled for a period of 34 years. He was succeeded by Chau Su Khung Ba in the same year, on the 5th day of the Din Ruk (6 month) month. The inner cover of this MS (image 0002) contains a list of the names of months and days. The text commences on 1r (image 0004), commencing with a prayer to Ai Sang Ching. It then descrubes the death of Sv Pat Pha, and the succession of Sv Khang Pha. Image 0028 contains a list of Ahom manuscripts; and on 0029 the name of the copyist is given as Sri Bhekura . His son is named as Molai Ghoria Baruah (line 6). His family was named as Khau Tek. Lak Ni Kat Rau, Dvn Sam. This corresponds to 1754-1755 or 1814-1815.

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