Khau La Men [c 1814]

It contains a story about a Naga Messenger. folio 14 r, line 2, pi lak ni pvk san dvn sip it chu man mriu dv driu mai lai khau la men pu thi ('In the Lakni year Pvk san, in the eleventh month, his name was Mou Deodhai wrote'). Dated with the Lakni calendrical system. This refers to the repeating 60 year cycle (see Terwiel 1981, Morey 2015), which is repeated. Thus a manuscript dated Lakni Khut Mit, could be 1695-6, 1755-6 or 1815-6. (The exact alignment of Lakni years with the Gregorian Calendar varies one or two years by different calculations). Pi Nai Lak Ni Pvk San, Din Sip during the period of Halraid Sahab. The Pvk San year is 1814-15, but the mention of Halraid Sahab (presumably Mr Holyrood) suggests a date during the British period. The quality of the script however suggests it was copied before British times.We have not yet identified who is being referred to as Halraid.

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