Pen Ka Ka [18th century]

It is about the origination of the Gods in the universe. In image 0001, it is written that the first God born was named as Pha Sang Din and he was crowned as the ruler of the earth. Then Seng Ko Pha Pha Kham was crowned as the king of eight crore rivers and serpents. Another God Seng Kam Pha was made the king of 8 lakhs thunder and lightening. And Ngi Ngau Kham was made the preacher of God. Image 0001 contains a list of persons, the first of whom (line 1) is Chau Ai Ko, the god who made the earth (pha sang din). The second is Chaw Seng So Pha, who is a water God, and who is the ruler of the crocodiles (ngvk) and also of 8 million rivers (8 lan ko khe). The third is Seng Kam Pha, who is the God of Thunder, and the next is Ngi Ngau Kham, a dragon that is now the emblem of the Ahoms. The words pin ka ka are found on Image 0003 au tang pin ka ka tin khing.

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