A miscellany of Sufi texts in Arabic and Malay

A miscellany of Sufi texts in Arabic and Malay, some attributed to ʻAbd al-Raʼūf al-Singkili and Shams al-Dīn al-Sumatrānī.

  • Daqāʼq al-Hurūf, a treatise on Sufism with Malay commentary. Arabic text fully covaclised and overlined in red ink. Text ends image 76.
  • Bayān Tajalli, of uncertain authorship but attributed to ʻAbd al-Raʼūf. The text elaborates on a zikir to be recited at the threshold of death. Images 81-83.
  • (?) al-iʼtiqād, attributed to ʻAbd al-Raʼūf. Also on preparation for death. Ends image 111.
  • Text in Malay on wājib al-wujūd, images 112-116.
  • 117: Arabic Sufi text on the grades of Being (attributed to Shaykh Faḍl Allāh [al-Burhānpūrī?]); continuing intermittently and bound out of order. With interlinear Malay translation. image 163.
  • Kashf asrār al-wujūd, Shams al-Dīn al-Sumatrānī.

Continued texts in Arabic with Malay interlinear commentary, colophon (image 214), illuminated colophons (images 163, 262, 371); diagram on the nature of God/Truth (image 265). These pages may belong to the other texts in this volume.

Physical characteristics: The texts are jumbled and out of order; either the manuscript has been rebound or images are out of order.

Author: ʻAbd al-Raʼūf al-Singkīlī, Shams al-Dīn al-Sumatrānī.