Alxuraan bu ñu tekki ci wolof (The Qur'an translated in Wolof)

The author of the material is Serigne Mouhammadou Deme (also known as Serigne Modou Deme), a disciple of Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba. Serigne Mouhammadou Deme made the translation and commentaries in 1933. The material was copied from the original by Serigne Mor Mbaye Cisse in 1961 in Diourbel. It is a translation of the Qur'an with commentaries in Wolofal (Wolof Ajami). The first part of the materials is written with black ink and the second part, the longest section, is written with purple ink. Based upon the interview with Serigne Mbaye Guirane, the current owner, the material was written to disseminate the essence of the teachings of the Qur'an among the Wolof masses who are literate in Wolofal (Wolof Ajami) and are illiterate in Arabic.

Physical characteristics of original material: There are ink stains in some pages and a few pages have sections that are too bright. Red ink is used for the vocalization in some pages, and in some insertions. Most pages are clear and readable.

1 set of unbound manuscripts of 681 pages. The original materials were written in 1933 and the handwritten copies were made in 1961.

Author: Serigne Mouhammadou Deme. Scribe: Serigne Mor Mbaye Cisse. Script of material: Wolof Ajami (Wolofal) and Classical Arabic.