"Three texts: surah Yasin, prayers for reading al-Qur'an, and salawat [18th century]"

The paper used in the manuscript is European paper with watermark of three crescents. There is no page number, but it has catchword under the text. There is a cover attached to the manuscript. The text was written in prose using black and red ink. There are illumination on pages 2 and 145. The manuscript consists of 3 texts, those are about surah Yasin, prayers for finishing reading al-Qur'an, and salawat. The first and last pages are missing. The manuscript was hand written. The physical condition of the manuscript is fairly good. Eventhough it has a little bit broken. There is also trace of water. The measurement of the manuscript is19,5x12 cm, the block text is 15x8,5cm, and 146 lines in each page.