Sufic texts [18th century]

The paper used in the manuscript is European paper with watermark of three crescents with moonface. There is no page number, but it has catchword under the text. There is no cover attached to the manuscript. It is mentioned in the colophon that the author finished writing in 1237H (1821M). The text was written in poetry form using black and red ink. The manuscript consists of 2 texts, those are about sufism and its philosophy. The first text was composed by Teungku Usi Muhammad Saleh, and the second by Teungku Muhammad Khatib Langgien. Both texts are complete. The manuscript was hand written. The physical condition of the manuscript is damaged by insects. The colour of papers becomes dark. The measurement of the manuscript is 22x16 cm, the block text is 17x10,5 cm, and 24 lines in each page.