Kanjur 'Dul ba Cha

The volume contains Vinayavibhanga, one of the four main texts on discipline in the Sarvastivada school. The volume contains the detailed lists of the rules of monks and the stories of how the rules were enacted. The volume is written on cream coloured traditional Bhutanese paper made from dahpne bark. It is written in black ink. The text is wrapped in several layers of cloth and bound between two thick wood covers. The leaves are roughly 70x19.5cm. The opening folio is illuminated with drawings of Buddha and other decorative motifs. The first folios of the kanjur series have a deep blue or red background, most likely painted using malachite or lac. The text starts on the verso of the first folio, which also has a silk cover. 1 volume containing 582 folios of manuscripts on paper in loose leaf poti format.

Dates of original material: unknown.

Volume: Cha.

Script(s) of material: Tibetan dBu can script.