"Harp of Praise, Ritual for Penitential Baptism, Hymn to Mary with the saints, Catechism called here ""Gate of Faith,"" Image of Apostles, Miracle of Mary [16th century-19th century]"

Harp of Praise, አርጋኖነ፡ ውዳሴ፡; Ritual for Penitential Baptism, መጽሐፈ፡ ክርስትና፡; Hymn to Mary with the saints; Catechism called here "Gate of Faith"; Image of Apostles, መልክአ፡ ሐዋርያት።; One Miracle of Mary, ተአምረ፡ ማርያም፡. This is a composite manuscript. By Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Extent and format of original material: 1 parchment codex, 190 x 180 x 64 mm.

Author(s): Unknown.