"Horologium for the Night Hours, Ritual of Penitential Baptism, Book of the Pearl of Great Price, Image of Jesus Christ, Hymn to Mary, “I Worship Thee”, Miracle of Mary, Hymn to Mary, “I Praise Thy Gr...

Horologium for the Night Hours, ሰዓታት፡ ሌሊት፡; Ritual of Penitential Baptism, መጽሐፈ፡ ቄደር፡; Book of the Pearl of Great Price, መጽሐፈ፡ ባሕረይ፡; Image of Jesus Christ, መልክአ፡ ኢየሱስ፡; Hymn to Mary, “I Worship Thee”; One Miracle of Mary, ተአምረ፡ ማርያም፡; Hymn to Mary, “I Praise Thy Grace”; Image of Mary, መልክአ፡ ማርያም፡; Lamentations of the Virgin, ሰቆቃወ፡ ድንግል፡; Image of the Assumption, መልክአ፡ ፍልሰታ፡ ለማርያም፡; Image of Saint George, መልክአ፡ ጊዮርጊስ፡; Image of My Lady Mary; Image of Gälawǝdewos (Claudius), መልክአ፡ ገላውዴዎስ፡; Image of the Praises of Mary, መልክአ፡ ውዳሴ፡; Image of the Gate of Light, መልክዐ፡ አንቀጸ፡ ብርሃን፡; Image of Arägawi/Zä-Mika’el, መልክዐ፡ አረጋዊ፡ /ዘሚካኤል፡; . By Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

Extent and format of original material: 1 parchment codex, 166 x 140 x 59 mm.

Author(s): Unknown.