The book of Máni

The book of Máni: máni sa cho, Astrology: yúkcho nyókbú sá cho, The legend of the Ants: tukfyíl sá námthár, Prayers to the Chörten: chotyen munlóm, Funeral calculations: líkbá sá tsu. 291×85 mm; 151 pages; ms handmade, oblong bookform, cover wrapped in brown cloth, stitched; machinemade paper; black and red ink; scribe Núrshíng Lepcha, p. 31 and p. 141 ms signed Núrshíng Lepcha; condition good, few pages torn, some dirt, water and ink stains, slight traces of mould; p. 82 illustration of three chörtens in colour, decorations in black ink, pink and blue pencil throughout ms.

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