Eight Goddess calculations [14 April 1925]

Eight goddesses calculations: hlámo gyá sá tsu. Ms handmade, machinemade paper, 211x112 mm, 101 pages, oblong bookform, separate cover, stitched, last page glued onto cover; machinemade paper; text in black ink; scribe unknown, p. 101 ms dated in Lepcha thón lavo tsha kati sám thák ká pe shu lyel ma ʔo, suknyi zá phúr pú sahu shotshât ká pe shu lyel ma ʔo, tarik 14-4-1925 sálká gum [written on a Thursday, the 13th day of the 3rd month, hour of the monkey, European date 14/4/1925]; condition good, edges of paper slightly worn and torn, some dirt and water stains; decorations in pink and blue pencil notes throughout text.

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