Encouragement of fortune

Encouragement of Fortune: cângbú lecot. Ms handmade, oblong bookform, two quires, stitched; machinemade paper; text in black ink, notes in pencil, blue and purple ink; scribe unknown, inside front cover in pencil ms dated according to Lepcha calendar in Lepcha cángbú lyú shet, món nám lavo glú nyóm tsha kati kakyót tháp sa ʔyák zá hlák bú chú tshât kajú sa chú tshât [cângbú lecot, the hour of the dog, Wednesday, the nineteenth day of the ninth month in the year of the boar]; condition reasonable, some pages torn at edges, some water, ink and dirt stains, abrupt text ending suggests ms is incomplete; some text fragments underlined, illustrations on front cover, front cover notes in Tibetan om mani padme hung hri.

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