Various astrological texts [May 1930]

Various astrological texts: sherbá ngâk shang sá tsu, nákpú, chotshât ngâk shang sá tsu, rá cen ngâk shang sá tsu, suknyi ngâk shang sá tsu, lómbá tân ngâk shang sá tsu and ngó hláp sá tsu. Ms handmade, oblong bookform, one quire, stitched; machinemade paper; text in black and blue ink; scribe Rápdenshíng Foning, p. 20 ms signed in Lepcha 5.5.30 rápden síng fanyung rumsangmú kálenpang [5 May 1930 Rápdensíng Foning Rumsangmú, Kalimpong], cover notes give title, name of scribe and date in Lepcha sherbá tsu ngâk shing ʔan ngó hlápshing sa chó gum yang shu ma ʔo, rápdensing fanyum rumsangmú kálenpang, in English 1st May 1930; condition good; throughout ms pages are stamped with ink stamp COPIED, some text fragments underlined, note on reverse cover X N.R.

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