Various astrological texts

Various astrological texts: ngó sá áhláp, sherbá ngâk shang sá tsu, chotshât ngâk shang sá tsu, rá cen ngâk shang sá tsu and suknyi ngâk shang sá tsu. ms handmade, oblong bookform, one quire with separate brown paper cover, stitched; handmade paper; text in black ink; scribe Rápdenshíng Foning, p. 21 ms signed in Lepcha ʔár faying rumsang mú [R. Foning Rumsangmú], further notes in black ink on cover and throughout ms give name of Rápdenshíng Foning Rumsangmú from Kalimpong, i.e. on cover in Lepcha rápdenshíng farumsangmú kálenpang, ʔár. dri. ʔesa. fanyung, in English R.D.S. Foning, in Lepcha ca ca cút, p. 1 notes in Lepcha sing foning, in English Kalimpong Darjeeling, in Lepcha rápdyen shíng fanyung, rápden shíng, p. 2 notes in Lepcha rápdenshíng fanyung rumsangmú kálen pang, in English R.D.S. Foning, in Lepcha ʔár. dri. ʔesa. fonyung, p. 16 in Lepcha ráp rápdenshíng; condition good, some rust marks from a staple; throughout ms pages are stamped with ink stamp COPIED, p. 12 written note in margin Copied., 187x77 mm, 24 pages. Creator: Rápdenshíng Foning. Date: unknown.

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