"Arba'etu Wängel ""Four Gospels"" [late 17th century (?)]"

The main Gospel book of the church ("Golden Gospel"), donated at a significant occassion (possibly, establishment of re-establishment of the church). The finely written and bound manuscript contains Four Gospels, marginal notes, fine miniatures. A miniature of Evangelist Matthew is missing, but the manuscript contains fine miniatures of St. George and donors (with a supplication, fol. 1v-2r), not typical for Gospel books (by the same painter who executed other three Evangelists). A certain Baselyos is mentioned in the headings of the Gospels of Matthew and Mark (and his wife Haymanotawit at the end of the Gospel of John). Besides, in folio 2r, a donation note mentions a certain Wäldä Yohannes Mekram. Scribe unknown.