Sirat al-Mustaqim [19th century]

Digital images of Sirat al-mustaqim, a Malay work on fiqh (law) by Nur al-Din al-Raniri, composed between AH 1044-1054 (AD 1634-1644), this copy probably produced 19th century

Missing first page, and incomplete at the end. The current first page has a monochrome decorated frame that would originally have been the left-hand page of a double decorated frame. This was one of the most popular works on Islamic obligations used in Southeast Asia, and many manuscript copies are held in libraries, including one copy from Aceh in the British Library (Or.15979).

This is the same manuscript as: EAP329/10/104.

The manuscript measures 21 x 15.5cm, the text block 14 x 9cm.

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