Procès-verbaux des séances du Conseil Général, Pondichéry"Procès-verbaux des séances du Conseil Général, Pondichéry, 1894."

This volume contains the special session of 1894 (March), and the ordinary session of 1894. Each session has its own page sequence. The ordinary session is followed by an alphabetical subject index. It includes decisions relating to the colony's properties; the government's budget proposals for 1895; expenditure for public works and maintenance of public buildings; duties and taxes; petitions received by the public etc. The special session of 1894 relates to some decisions to be approved by the Council with regard to some new expenses and the monetary regime. There is no index for this special session.

1 volume containing 870 pages (73 ; 797 p.). Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm. Several pages in this volume are damaged. A white sheet has been placed behind them so that a clear copy could be obtained.