Procès-verbaux des séances du Conseil Général, Pondichéry, 1890-1891

Missing pages: 17-18. This volume contains the ordinary sessions of 1890 (Nov-Dec) and 1891 (Nov-Dec). Each session has its own page sequence and is followed by an alphabetical subject index. The sessions include decisions relating to the colony's properties; the government's budget proposals for 1891 and 1892; expenditure for public works and for the maintenance and repair of public buildings; duties and taxes; petitions received by the public etc.

1 volume containing 978 pages (461 ; 509 p. & 8 pages after p. 454) & 2 fold-outs containing tables. Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm. Pages 1-2, 15-16, 143-144 and 205-206 in this volume are damaged. A white sheet has been placed behind them so that a clear copy could be obtained.