Annuaire des Établissements français dans l'Inde 1942-1943, 1943

The volume starts with a concordance of the Indian months with the Gregorian year for 1942 & 1943 and astronomical and meteorological data, together with a timeline of important events in the history of French India. It is followed by some historical and topographical information on French India, 1941 population census figures and the composition of a newly created National French Comittee in London. It then gets divided into 2 parts: an “administrative part” and an “economic” part. The first contains a list of the French cadres working in the colonial administration and numerical statistics of personnel of all categories in the colony as on 1st July 1942.. This is followed by a detailed organizational structure of the Government of French India, including the names of functionaries in all the departments and services. The second part contains financial and commercial information including a table with commercial statistics in French India from 1903 to 1941 and the text of the Customs Union Agreement between French and British India, postal and telegraph services, railways, lighthouse and lighterage charges, associations, societies and periodicals, agencies of foreign companies etc. There is an alphabetical subject index at the end of the volume.

1 volume containing 256 pages. Dimensions: 24.5 x 16.5 cm.