Le Trait d'Union : Organe des Jeunesses de l'Inde Française Vol. 6, Issue 3 to Vol. 11, Issue 2, Jan 1950-Dec 1953

Missing issues: Vol. 8, issue 10; Vol. 9, issues 3, 8; Vol. 10, issues 3, 10. Vol. 10 issue 6 is wrongly numbered as issue 4. Vol. 8 contains a supplement issue 11bis. The volume contains short fictional and humorous pieces, poems, articles about Pondicherry and its history, local news and a column on “News of Saigon”, accounts of cultural and other events taking place in Pondicherry, book reviews, cartoons, announcements and advertisements etc. Some of the themes covered are: the monetary crisis stemming from the usage of two currencies in Pondicherry – the Indian rupee and the local rupee, some visions of India from the viewpoint of French India, a panorama of pharmacy in the Indian Union and traditional Indian medicinal drugs, French translation of Subramania Barathy’s poems, the Pondicherry port, urbanism in Pondicherry, Hindu astrologers, commerce in Pondicherry, “people and things of French India”, Leonardo da Vinci, a military doctor from Pondicherry in the 18th cent., criminal justice in Pondicherry, the press in French India etc. There are also articles relating to Indian culture and mythology. Some of the topical events covered are: the demises of Ramana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo, the prime minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan; election of the member of parliament (député) from French India to the French National Assembly etc. Some of the issues contain a few b&w photos, cartoons and drawings.

1 volume containing 43 issues and 1 supplement issue, approx. 390 pages in various pagings. Dimensions: 28 x 22 cm. All the pages of the Sept and Oct. 1950 issues and pages 9-10 of the Dec. 1951 issue have holes and p. 3 of the March 1952 issue is torn. A white sheet has been placed behind them so that a clear copy could be obtained. Also pages3-6 of the Feb.1953 issue are bound upside down and in reverse order.