Jeunesse de l'Empire Français Continued as Le Trait d'Union : Organe des Jeunesses de l'Inde Française from June 1946. Vol. 1, Issue 1 to Vol. 6 issue 2, Nov 1944-Dec 1949

Missing issues: Vol. 1, issues 5, 7; Vol. 3, issues 3, 4; Vol. 4, issues 10, 11; Vol. 5, issues 1, 7,11. Vol. 2, issue 1 is wrongly numbered as Vol. 1, issue 11. Vol. 1, issue 8 is a special supplement. The volume contains short fictional and humorous pieces, poems, articles about Pondicherry and its history, other informative articles, lectures, quotations, quizzes, local news, accounts of cultural and other events taking place in Pondicherry, news and activities of the JEF, visits of dignitaries, recipes, announcements and advertisements etc. There are also articles on Indian society, culture, religions, mythology and eminent personalities such as Tagore, Barathy, Gandhi. Some of the topical subjects that are covered are: celebrations of the end of World War II; the political movement towards freedom in British India; India’s Independence; several articles in homage to Gandhi after his assassination; political developments in post-independent India; Chandernagore’s merger with the Indian Union; the Indian government's position and views on French India etc. Some of the issues in the volume contain a few b&w photos and drawings.

1 volume containing 53 issues, approx. 430 pages in various pagings. Dimensions: 28 x 22 cm. Pages 1-2 of the March 1946 issue in this volume are slightly torn. A white sheet has been placed behind them so that a clear copy could be obtained.

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