Journal officiel de l’Inde française"Journal officiel de l’Inde française, 99th year; Issues 14 to 50, 1948."

Issues 16, 23, 38, 41, and 50 have supplements 16bis, 23bis, 38bis, 41bis and 50bis. Issue 36 has 3 supplements 36bis, 36ter and an unnumbered supplement. This volume contains separate indices for the Jan-Mar issues and the Apr-Dec issues. The indices have their own separate pagination (pages 1-53). Some of the topics covered are: budgets and accounts; salaries, allowances, pensions, promotions of civil and military personnel; decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation; convening of the Representative Assembly of French India and of the provisional administrative committee of Chandernagor; municipal elections in the “free town” of Chandernagor and in the other French establishments in India; decisions relating to education; organization of the merchant navy; nomination/dissolution of temple/mosque management committees; competitions for government jobs; nominations, transfers, leaves, etc; approvals granted for the publication of some local journals and ban imposed on some others; rate of the rupee; price of rice, arrack, salt, oil; taxes etc. The volume also contains various announcements and notices, including legal and judicial announcements, public auction of seized properties, information about recruitment, tenders etc. Some of the announcements are translated in Tamil and a few in English.

1 volume containing 37 issues, 8 supplement issues and indices; 423 plus 53 pages. Dimensions: 33 x 24.5 cm.