Journal officiel des Établissements français dans l’Inde"Journal officiel des Établissements français dans l’Inde, 88th year; Issues 1 to 52, 1937."

Issue 13 has a supplement 13bis. Some of the topics covered are: budgets and accounts; salaries, allowances, pensions, promotions of government staff; decree on the conditions of admission of French and foreign nationals into French India; some decisions regarding air travel and airports; promulgation of various commercial agreements signed between France and other countries; decisions relating to education (examinations, curricula, scholarships, subsidies etc.); several decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation and the State Council; competitions for government jobs; nominations, transfers, leaves, etc; decree regulating working conditions in French India; rules governing installation of private radio transmitters; order for the creation of a scientific institute in Pondicherry; decree on the civil status of natives in French India and abolition of the mention of caste in public documents (French version followed by a Tamil translation); fixing of the marriageable age in French India; decree for the protection of heritage monuments in the colonies; reorganization of the School of Medicine and the Colonial College in Pondicherry; modifications in the code of civil procedure; setting-up of select committees to examine/oversee various projects; speech delivered by the Governor at the opening session of the General Council; approvals for the formation of various associations; decrees on the suppression of fraud; elections for the general and local councils; convening of elected councils; various taxes.

1 volume containing 52 issues, 1 supplement issue and indices; 1741 pages. Dimensions: 24 x 16.5 cm.