Journal officiel des Établissements français dans l’Inde, 53rd year; Issues 1 to 53, 1912

Issue 4 of the Journal officiel 1912, part 2, is wrongly bound between pages 126 and 127. Some of the topics covered are: several decisions on budgets and accounts, salaries and allowances of government personnel etc.; decisions relating to education (degrees, examinations, reorganization of the Colonial Council of Education etc.); residency ban orders for those charged with theft; decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation; competitions for government jobs, recruitments, nominations; convening of elected councils; municipal elections; approvals for the formation of associations; promulgation of laws modifying and completing the 1881 law on the freedom of press; authorization granted for the publication of several journals such as "Le Petit Pondichérien" and "l'Argus"; laws/decrees relating to firearms and explosives; alphabetical subject index of the financial regulations of communes and welfare committees (pages i-xvi bound between pages 814 and 815); promulgation in French India of the 1911 Franco-Japanese treaty on commerce and navigation; licences for salt and location of salt warehouses; licences for toddy; taxes on arms, petrol, vehicles, horses, land, houses; levies on port and navigation etc.

1 volume containing 53 issues and indices; 1388 plus xvi pages & 6 foldouts containing tables. Dimensions: 23.5 x 15 cm.