Journal officiel des Établissements français dans l’Inde, 75th year; Issues 1 to 52, 1924

Issues 3 and 15 have supplements 3bis and 15bis. Some of the topics covered are: budgets and accounts, salaries, allowances, pensions etc. of civil and military personnel; decisions relating to education (degrees, examinations, subsidies for private schools etc.); some modifications in the French civil code; a report on the operations of the colonial banks, decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation; competitions for government jobs; nominations, transfers, leaves etc; decisions relating to the elections of temple management committees; approvals for the formation of various associations; decisions/instructions relating to legislative and senate elections; promulgation of a law on the protection of ill-treated and abandoned children; authorizations granted to various individuals for digging bore-wells; order for a revision of the classification of land in Karikal; preventive measures to be taken against leprosy; convening of elected councils; tariffs of arrack, salt etc; various taxes on land, houses, businesses, vehicles, horses, firearms, postal services etc.

1 volume containing 52 issues, 2 supplement issues and indices; 940 pages & 24 foldouts containing tables. Dimensions: 24 x 16.5 cm.