Bulletin officiel des Établissements français de l’Inde. Tome soixante-dix-huitième. Année 1905 Vol. 78, Issues 1 to 12, 1905

This volume contains notification nos. 1 to 1055. Some of the topics covered are: various decisions on budgets/accounts, salaries, recruitments and nominations; several decisions relating to education (degrees, scholarships, examinations etc.); approvals for elections to temple/mosque management committees; promulgation in French India of the law on the protection of public health; creation of a pharmaceutical section in the indigenous school of medicine; application of the Code of maritime justice (Code de justice maritime) in the colonies; decree prohibiting the export of bird skin and feathers; residency ban orders (“interdiction de séjour”) for those charged with theft; list of the unclaimed estates of seafarers that will pass to the colony; several decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation; decisions on postal and parcel services/taxes; confirmation/rejection of court judgments on matters of caste and religion; elections for various councils; approvals for formation of some associations; fees of notaries (pages 1-27 bound pages 853 and 854); licences for liquor/toddy and location of salt warehouses; land, house and other taxes; tariffs of all taxes for 1906 etc.

1 volume containing 12 issues and indices; 1052 plus 27 pages & 11 foldouts containing tables. Dimensions: 21 x 13.5 cm.