Bulletin officiel des Établissements français de l’Inde. Tome soixante-neuvième. Année 1895 Vol. 69, Issues 1 to 12, 1895

This volume contains notification nos. 1 to 505. Some of the topics covered are: propagation of the “Association of French Women” in the colonies; promulgation of the law on amnesty and of the decree on disciplinary punishments for colonial accountants; creation of some local Christian societies; creation of a trial court (tribunal de première instance) in Chandernagor; several decisions confirming the judgments of courts on matters of caste; decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation; placing of the Mount of Piety (Mont de Piété) under the special control of the Director of Interior; ministerial circular asking colonies to regularly publish their weather observations in their Journal officiel; institution of an organizing committee in Pondicherry to ensure the participation of the colony in the Exposition Universelle (World Exhibition) to be held in Paris in 1900; authorization to establish in rupees the budget of the government of French India; table converting the fanons and caches (old currency used in French India) into decimal fractions of a rupee; tariffs of local taxes for 1896 and some deliberations of the General Council on various taxes including a tax on "intoxicating drugs" etc.

1 volume containing 12 issues and indices; 466 pages & 6 foldouts containing tables. Dimensions: 21 x 14 cm.