Bulletin officiel des Établissements français de l’Inde. Tome soixante-septième. Année 1893 Vol. 67, Issues 1 to 12, 1893

This volume contains notification nos. 1 to 432. Some of topics covered are: organization of primary education in the French establishments in India and several other decisions related to education; promulgation of the laws relating to changes in some articles of the penal and civil codes; reorganization of the police in Chandernagor; several orders approving elections for various temple management committees (the decision to have elections instead of nominations was taken the previous year); decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation; confirmation of judgments given by the local criminal courts; presidential decree regarding the organization of the administrative service of the navy (service administrative de la marine) in the colonies; detailed report of the Director of Interior regarding the completion of the cadastre work followed by the Governor’s order on this matter; Portuguese money in silver and copper to be no longer valid in French India; creation of a General Inspectorate of education in the colonies; circular on the functions of the service chiefs (chefs de service) in the colonies; the name of the periodical "Moniteur officiel" changed to "Journal officiel"; convening of elected councils; tariffs of the local taxes for 1894 etc.

1 volume containing 12 issues and indices; 680 pages & 3 foldouts containing tables. Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm. 2 of the foldouts are damaged and have been pieced together for digitization.