Bulletin officiel des Établissements français de l’Inde. Tome soixante-quatrième. Année 1890 Vol. 64, Issues 1 to 12, 1890

This volume contains notification nos. 1 to 585. Some of the topics covered are: military powers of governors who are responsible for the internal and external defense of their colonies; creation of a public library in Karikal; detailed decree pertaining to the reorganization of the cipahis corps in India (i.e. the corps of indigenous soldiers); report to the French president on the operation of the colonial banks during 1888-1889; constitution of a special medical corps in the colonies; several decisions of the Council of Administrative Litigation; reorganization of the indigenous medical corps in French India; promulgation in the colonies of the decree on the protection of ill-treated and abandoned children; promulgation of the law on bankruptcy; promulgation of the law rendering the sessions of the General Council public; questionnaire from the ministry regarding ways to propagate the French language in the colonies; school curricula; organization of lotteries for purposes of welfare; elections for a senator from French India; tariffs of local taxes for the year 1891 etc. The volume also contains a detailed 109-page circular (bound between pages 34 and 35) relating to the salaries of government staff and 2 decrees (bound between pages 60 and 61 and pages 154 and 155) on various travel allowances to which they are eligible.

1 volume containing 12 issues and indices; 735 plus 109 pages plus approx. 150 pages & 9 foldouts containing tables. Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm. 5 of the foldouts are badly damaged. They have been pieced together for digitization, but some of the pieces are missing.