Bulletin des actes administratives des Établissements français dans l’Inde. Tome trente-neuvième. Année 1866. "Bulletin des actes administratives des Établissements français dans l’Inde. Tome trente-n...

Missing issue: 263 (pages 387-416). Other missing pages: front cover, half-title, back cover (all missing pages digitised from another copy and inserted at the end of the main run). This volume contains notification nos. 1 to 171. Some of the topics covered are: sealing of all documents found in the residence of demised officers; relief funds to farmers after a cyclone; procedures/rates for the shipment of letters and consignments between France and its colonies; rules on lighting of public buildings, military posts, roads etc.; suspension of tax on food grains due to their shortage and high prices; travel allowances for officers; detailed order on the assignments and duties of the police staff; powers of the governor with respect to taxes; orders relating to vacant successions; law on the merchant navy; franking of correspondence emanating from or going to Dutch India; new mode of publication of the Bulletin officiel; setting up of wharfage and landing duties; regulation of the government pharmacy; detailed order regulating the public works department ("service des ponts et chaussées"); order relating to official auctioneers in French India; creation of a correctional home for young convicts; promulgation of the monetary agreement between France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland etc.

1 volume containing 14 issues and indices; 444 pages. Dimensions: 20.5 x 12.5 cm.

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