Archives administratives des Établissements français de l’Inde: contenant les lois, ordonnances, règlemens, et toutes autres publications faites par ordre du gouvernement"Archives administratives des...

Missing pages: 103-106. This volume contains notification nos. 1 to 48. Some of the topics covered are: installation of Vicomte Desbassayns de Richemont as interim administrator general of French India; agreement with the Mahanattar caste on the sale of their agriculture produce and later the annulment of that agreement; prohibition for natives of all castes to wear the dress of the 'topas' i.e. people born of mixed marriages; conditions for enrolment in the cipahis corps; reorganisation of the administration of the welfare associations; creation of 'ateliers de charité' (charity workshops); abolition of vagrancy and begging; establishment of police posts in Pondicherry; farming in perpetuity on agricultural lands in Pondicherry, Villenour and Bahour; contracts between manufacturers and cultivators of indigo; establishment of a central market place in Pondicherry; establishment of a Royal College in Pondicherry; direct and indirect taxes and other nominations and promotions.

1 volume containing 6 issues and indices; 213 pages plus 15 index pages. Dimensions: 17 x 12 cm.

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