Mixed unidentified Nepali manuscripts 4

Documents here are copied from two record books as samples. Only a small section of pages are included here as samples.

Doc 1 - It is the royal order on various social systems. It orders for capital punishment for the Kirati Murmi people in Eastern Nepal who slaughter cows, and also to confiscate property and kill his wife and children. It mainly discusses about legal system, punishments.

Doc 2 - This is an order to reclaim land and collect taxes in Rautahat region.

Doc 3 and 4 - An order to build a fort in Chisapani in western Nepal.

Doc 8-12 - Index of various orders, issued in the names of various officers, local functionaries and government offices in different times.

Doc 13-19 - Various orders to perform various social and other works issued by high ranking officials. Dated 1868 VS.