Mixed unidentified Nepali manuscripts 2

Doc 1, 2 and 3 - First two pp are cover pages with information of types of documents and total number of documents. The other page is the contents of dispatched royal orders bearing red seals. This is the content page of a compiled book of copied documents. Documents are grouped according to types of land categories which is again sub grouped chronologically.

Doc 4 - This is document issued during the reign of King Surendra. This is the authorization order to confirm Satta Birta (replacement tax exempt) land grant.

Doc 5 - Confirmation document of Satta Birta land grant of 1933.

Doc 6 - Request to the issue an order to confirm Birta land grant. Consequently the Premier has issued the order and confirmed Birta land grant.

Doc 7 - This document is about the endowment land of Pachali Bhairav replaced to another place dated 1933 VS.

Doc 8 and 9 - This document is the authorization of special privileges of deposed royalty of Bajhang state and confirmation to utilize privileges as a state. Raja Bikram Bahadur Singh has been conferred with extraordinary privileges on land. He has been exempted all kinds of rents, taxes and levies.

Doc 10 - This is a document on taxable birta land grant. The recipient is ordered to pay rent regularly to hold ownership right on land.

Doc 11 - Guthi endowment paper dedicated to various deities established by Premier Jung Bahadur Rana. It also mentions the amount to be offered and price of land.

Doc 12 and 13 - Religious endowment authorization paper issued by the government to regulate endowment dedicated in the name of several deities. This document specifies the plots, its boundary, and the owners of land.

Doc 14 - This paper confirms land grants issued by the King to a person whose grandmother also became Sati and shared the burning pyre with the queen. The queen joined her deceased husband on burning pyre. As the rule the man was given land as consolation but the letter was still to be assigned. The King has issued the authorization letter and confirmed the grant at his request in VS 1933.

Doc 15 - Issued by the King. This document deals with land grant for supplying potteries to the Hanuman Dhoka Royal Palace. It confirms the Jagir land grant [granted to the government officers] to the appointed potters.