Mixed unidentified Nepali manuscripts 1

Documents collected in this section are individual documents varying in subjects.

Doc 1 - A royal order dated 1944 VS in the name of a Birta [tax free land owner] owner. This is the cover page of the document. Content is missing. This document probably belongs to the Land department.

Doc 2-3 - This document was issued in VS 1944. It mentions that a certain amount of money donated annually to goddess Kankeswari from the income of the tax exempt land purchased from Commanding General Chandra Shumsher is ordered to continue and rights on land of the person who purchased has been confirmed. The royal order says that there is no need to reissue the order. At the end, the document mentions about the area and boundary of the plots.

Doc 4 - This doc deals with the period of Premier Dev Shumsher. This is a royal order on the petition of a man whose brother was granted tax exempt land. After the death of the elder brother who was a captain his young brother petitioned that the land be granted to him. The Premier accepted the petition and granted tax exempt land to him. An exemption in land tax since 28 sal on land, homestead, animal sheds, store house, etc. also decided and ordered for execution to the concerned Revenue office in the district.

Doc 5 and 11 - These documents are related to land grant and related matters on land of deposed royalty of Parvat state in western Nepal regarding Khuwa khet and mana Chamal (land for special allowances assigned to officers and land for subsistence for widows). The subject of this document is the collection of rent and cash as special allowances from land. It was authorized to a descendent of deposed royalty of Parvat state in western Nepal. This document also mentions about the dispute on the land among the family members of the royalty. The premier has ordered to collect rent and enjoy as subsistence land for the lady who filed the petition.