"Convocation, B.P. Koirala and Picnic of Communist Party [1957-1965]"

This album consists of variety of subjects. The first few photographs of this album consists of the convocation of Tribhuvan University, the ceremony was chaired by late King Mahendra. During this ceremony, the graduation was awarded by Queen Ratna. This album also contain the photographs of the picnic organized by Nepal Communist Party. During this picnic, most of the famous leaders of Nepal communist party like Puspa Lal Shrestha, Manamohan Adhikari, Sahana Pradhan, Sadhana Pradhan were present. The same album also contain some photographs of B. P. Koirala, former and the first elected Prime minister of Nepal. It also contain the photographs of Kanti Hospital (later Kanti Children's Hospital). This album also contain the photographs of Madanmani Dixit and his family in different areas like Kalaiya, Central Zoo, Balaju Park, etc.