Architecture and Streets of the Antigua Guatemala [1895-1950]

This series contains photographs of: houses, patios, streets, avenues, buses and cattle markets. It also contains photographs of the homes of well-known people such as Rafael Landívar and Bernal Díaz del Castillo, as well as El Manchén Hotel, the School of the Holy Family of the Sisters of Charity and the Studio "Japanese Photography”. It also contains photographs of allegorical processions, independence celebrations in the Central American countries and tributes paid to President Manuel Estrada Cabrera. In public architecture there are different photographs of: the General Captains’ Palace and the Central Square (now the Central Park), as well as the former University of San Carlos de Borromeo, the Practical School of Antigua, the Electricity Company, the City Hall (now the Municipal Hall), the National Hospital of Antigua Guatemala, the Olympic Theater and El Pensativo Stadium. There are also some panoramic views which allow us to see how this City has grown.

88 Glass plate negatives.

Japanese Photography Studio.

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