Ini Kitab Tariqat Syadatana al-Syatariyah Radhi-ya-Allah ‘Anhum [1257 AH]

A genealogy of teachers, prayers and way to enter or initiation (bai’at ) into the syatariah brotherhood and some teaching of the syekh. Notes: Hand-written manuscript in black ink on European paper, incomplete as some catchwords are not followed up. Some pages are numbered in pencil: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13. Cover of the same material as the paper of the ms, title in pencil on the cover, loose thread binding. All the pages are waterstained. There are notes and scribblings on cover and p. 7 in blue ink. P. 11 has been repaired with sellotape. Rare document for Riau. Watermark: 1. crown with flower ornament at the top and horns at the sides, with in the middle a six-pointed star with a circle inside. Under the image we find GIOVANNI CHECCHI AL MASSO.