Surat Tanah Kebun [1915]

Digital images of a certificate of ownership for an orchard at Nerekeh kiri mudik issued to Haji Rachmat, 1915.

Notes: A large format printed form with at the bottom left-hand side a note: tercap di dalam ofis Mathba’ah al-Riuawiyah-Pulau Penyengat. On the left-hand side we find the info about the owner, measurements and borders of the land in question and the signatures of the official, owner, and 2 witnesses. Also on the left is the black seal of the sultan with a signature in blue to the right. On the right-hand side of the paper we find additional notes and a sketch map of the land. The notes read: 1. the agreement of a conflict; 2. A note by Controleur van Lingga in lAtin script and signature: Doesoen jang terseboet dalam soerat ini djadi milik bagi Hadji Mohamad Saleh (Tjoeboeng) anak laki' dari Hadji Rachmad Nerekeh (vonnis Makamah Besar ddo. 14 Juni 1917 No. 4/1916).- [soerat perdamaian 13 April 1918]-. At the bottom there is another note with a seal and signature of the surveyor (yang mengukur dusun ini).