"Peta Sebidang Tanah Dusun [Hari Isnin, 26 1303 Hijriyah]"

Digital images of a map showing an orchard and its surroundings. Dated Hari Isnin, 26 1303 Hijriya. Notes: Thick woven paper. Framed with a black frame. In the top left-hand corner we find the number 38 in red ink. In the top half centre we find a stamp and the Latin writing of KELANA RADJA ALI. The jawi writing in the stamp reads: Raja ‘Ali Kelana bin Raja Muhammad Yusuf Riau dan Lingga sanah 1302. On the left from the stamp we find a signature and: wakil sri paduka Yang Dupertuan Muda Riau.There are 3 more signatures: of the owner of the orchard and 2 witnesses. The map is in ink and pencil.