Pamparomas Archive, volume 4 1878-9

The Dominicans appealed the decision against them, claiming that the village of Pamparomas had never actually existed, and that the so-called villagers had been workers on the Pampas hacienda since the sixteenth century. The Governor of Huarochiri helped to make the case for appeared with a missing "revisita de tierras" from Pamparomas that proved the villagers' title to the land.

Extent: 1 partially disbound volume 445 folios.

Size and dimensions of original material: height 32cm width 21cm, depth 7.5cm.

Condition of original material: Book is stained by water, margins are torn and fragile with losses, the black ink is legible.

Arrangement: The document is written in various different hands and writtent by members of the community of Pamparomas, it copies out earlier material and was created over a period of c. 30 years.